School Information

Entering the School

To protect the safety of our students we are opening the north facing gym doors at 7:00 am every school day. Only bus riders should enter the gym by the blue south door. All students will be supervised by staff and stay in the gym until the 7:30 bell. Students standing at the front doors are also encouraged to go to the gym.

All parents and visitors should enter the school through the front entrance before during and after school. Thank you for helping keep your children safe.


Every grade level, except Kindergarten. Every parent has been notified if their student has tutoring.

  • Mondays will be for Language Arts in every grade level.
  • Tuesdays will be for Math in every grade level.
  • Tutoring will be from 2:45-3:30 PM each day.

Barksdale Elementary Bad Weather Dismissal Plan

We will be making a decision about dismissal procedures by 2:25 p.m. The group most affected by this is anyone who usually walks or rides their bike home. First grade will put a sign on the door indicating a bad weather dismissal. The teachers in each grade level will send their usual walkers and riders to their SSV bad weather location.

EVEN IF THE WEATHER HAS CHANGED. We need this plan in order to be consistent. All HOV and Daycare students will dismiss from inside the 5th grade hall (Teachers will walk students out to their cars with umbrellas – this does not mean you have to walk up to get them). All bus riders will dismiss through the gym so they can be closer to the buses. All SSV, Walkers and bike riders will dismiss to their designated locations:

  • Kindergarteners and first graders will sit inside the Kindergarten doors (the front doors)
  • Second and third graders will sit inside the main entrance doors.
  • Fourth and fifth graders will sit in the hall outside the library.

If any walkers or bike riders are left after SSV carpool finishes, they may go their usual way or go into the office to call for transportation.

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